You don't always have to win

Be thankful for the lessons in the losses.

Oh yes, they certainly DO exist.

"I've been married 3-4 times"

"I helped him/her, and they left me when they made it"

"That was supposed to be my job"

No matter how it all plays out, some losses are the biggest blessings around.

Some people won't know what to say when you cry and moan about your losses.

Some people will distance themselves because they don't want to be involved in your losses.

If you're not careful, you won't give yourself enough credit for the way you persevered through the losses.

When I think of all my wins, I can truly say that the best wins came after a number of losses.

And trust me, I've lost a lot in order to gain.  There were a lot of people, places, and things that I had an attachment to, and those things hurt to let go of.

I learned a lot from detaching from people, places, and things.

I learned that I was addicted to winning in front of others.  I knew this because I wanted people to see me win, but, not see me lose.

But, I lost, and, it was painful.  Tears were involved.  So were mixed emotions, uncertainty, and fear.

So was surrender.

That surrender came with a breakthrough.

Be thankful for the wins, and be grateful for the losses.