There's More to Life Than...


It's everywhere.  I see it amongst friends, activists, motivational speakers, business colleagues, and family members.  Some are so busy competing with another (who may not even know there's a race) that they don't have time to run their own race.

I used to be caught up in that rat-race back in 2007.  It became apparent, rather quickly, that the only person I've been competing with is my old self.  Perhaps that's why I don't put too much weight in social media, who follows me, or who likes me.

When did it become so important for you to prove your life to complete strangers for validation?  Your life's worth, caught up in "likes", "retweets", and "shares".  

Who are you trying to help - others or your ego?

There is room for everyone to be successful in their gift, even if others have the same gift.

One should ask themselves, if they cannot be happy for another genuinely, why are they in the business of helping others...