Your story of transformation gives me so much hope for my future. You are a dynamic speaker and your heart shows when you open your mouth.
— Terrance Browning - Oakland, CA
You continue to impress our community with your ability to transform the hearts and minds of our students with your zeal for truth & transparency.
— Jeff Hancock, Professor - Stanford University

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Jayla has been a vital part of [our] programming for our 5-day Education Summit, providing a framework of reality and support within which the students can explore and prepare for the challenges they will face when they walk onto their college campuses.

Jayla provides a two-hour workshop that provides a safe space for the students to address fears and hopes for their college experiences. Jayla is there to acknowledge these realities, but also to help provide coping skills.
Even though her workshop happens early on in the summit, Jayla stays in the dorms with the students for the entire summit and is available 24-7 for the students. She has stayed in close touch with many of the students and continues to mentor many of them. Jayla has become a key part to our annual summit and we schedule our programming around her work.

— Lee Schube - Executive Director | All Ways Up Foundation

Thank you Jayla for helping me to overcome my perfectionism. I thought I was the only one going through this. Thank you for speaking so openly and honest to us today; you’re the best speaker I’ve ever seen!
— Jasmine Hall - Los Angeles, CA
I wish Jayla could speak every year at our school. Most of the kids here are broken, and lack family support. Jayla comes in and now we all have a second mom and a second aunt.
— Gabrielle Lopez - Dallas, TX

Your message is so powerful, and I am sure you inspired many of our students, but I know you also inspired a great many of my teachers. I am certain it rekindled the flame of some of my teachers who are losing their zeal. I had several discussions today and asked students, “Where are you at in the four S’s? Are you surviving or are you becoming significant?” It fostered some genuine and meaningful dialogue.
— Bob Brough, Principal - Moreno Valley High School

Jayla helps leaders identify and break habits that hold them back. She spent a great deal of time on the ground level with our team, identifying practical and time-effective solutions to solve our business issues... She was fearless while guiding us through some very tough issues head-on.
— Pamela James - ConAgra Foods
Jayla is an expert in her field. She is a personable and highly-skilled coach & consultant who delivers high impact interventions to both individuals and groups.
— Donna Thiessen - Allergan