I teach people how to be better Human Beings by seeking, saying, and living in truth.


I hold steadfast to four values that are supported by my actions and define who I AM:

  • Confidential Engagement

  • Authentic Empathy

  • Servant Leadership

  • Respect for the Individual

For the last 18 years, I've dedicated my life to teaching people how to be better Human Beings.  I spent 17 years rescuing sex-trafficked teens across the country and abroad while pursuing my dream career as a motivational speaker.  I've also spent the last 23 years mentoring some of the brightest "at-risk" teens while helping some financially to pursue their college dreams. 

But, I wasn't always a saint. 

Once upon a time, I was a very dysfunctional young lady.  I sabotaged every relationship I had in my life because I was addicted to negativity.  Every negative experience one could imagine, I've had.  I didn't know that I was speaking all of this drama into my life.  I played the victim, and I blamed everyone for my problems.  I was labeled, "the pretty girl with issues" and told by a high school counselor to, "take up a trade because you won't make it in a four-year college or university."  

Then, one day, I realized that my trials and tribulations were a way for God to humble and educate me simultaneously.   My mindset started to change and the way I used to see things started to disappear.  I began to love myself enough to disassociate myself from negative people, negative places, negative thoughts, and negative situations.  I started to love myself enough to stop blaming everyone else for my unhappiness.  I started to love myself enough to get healthy.

As I grow and learn, I'm compelled to come back and teach others how to do the same.  I love teaching people how to authentically love life, by sharing the same tools I use to navigate through this wonderful World.  I yearn to help people change their lives.

I love living on purpose.  I know that materialism penetrates our society, and often, people associate how much they love themselves with the material possessions they have acquired.  When you love yourself in a healthy manner, you can then love others around you in a healthy manner, as well.  I wake up everyday ready to heal people. 

My goal is to assist all those drawn to me who want to really be happy in real life, and not just on the internet.  I want to help people to live authentically while teaching them what I've learned, so they ultimately can go teach others.

Thank you for coming by, and, if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know!

I love you, and there's absolutely, positively, NOTHIN' you can do about it!

Jayla Baxter - The Self Esteem Queen™

Servant leadership

  • Right out of college in 2000, I started rescuing teenage runaways, sex trafficked teens, and prostitutes through my own non-profit organization 
  • Since 1998, I've worked as an advocate for sex trafficked teens on the city and state level and currently train Human Service Professionals on how to identify, empathize with & treat sex-trafficked teens
  • Since 2000, I've partnered with numerous non-profit foundation to provide under-served youth a path to empowerment and educational excellence through academic programming, college access skills, and personal development
  • In 2002, I started a luxury candle business and took part of the proceeds from the sales and sent candles to suicide survivors
  • I speak at numerous middle schools, high schools, and corporations on self-esteem enhancement
  • I keynote at industry specific business, motivation, and spiritual events and hold private workshops across the United States
  • I trained for 6 years and became a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher to assist others in balancing wellness through focused awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • As a Certified Life Coach, I coach & mentor a wide range of people from entertainers to executives to everyday people on personal, professional, financial, and spiritual growth
  • In 2010, I began a project through my non-profit mentoring teens in the LGBTQ community who battle depression, suicidal thoughts, "coming out", and self-love
  • In 2012, I partnered with spiritual leader Anthony Goulet to develop a suicide/depression prevention program for Native American Youth called, "You Are The Answer".  We now do healing work with Native American Communities and youth across the country
  • I continue to lend my expertise to various government agencies in the areas of teenage prostitution and child trafficking
  • In 2014, I took my love for candle making and created Light The Mood, an ongoing fund-raiser for my non-profit with 100% of all donations going to mentor teens who cannot afford our services
  • I retired my mom years before retirement age, and, she and I work together to heal realtionships between parents and their teens 
  • In 2016 I served as Executive Consultant on a feature film about sex-trafficking, loosely based on my life, called "Skin In The Game"