Sex-Trafficking Survivor Advocate

For over 19 years, Jayla has provided confidential services to survivors of sex-trafficking and their families, including informing survivors and their families of their legal rights and options and supporting them in their choices throughout the healing process.

victim-centered and
trauma-informed approach

Jayla provides a considerable amount of community education to raise awareness about human trafficking and related issues in local neighborhoods across the United States. Jayla’s 1 Day & 3 Day Intensives for Law Enforcement, Human Service Workers, fellow Victim Advocates, and CSEC Trainers have received favorable reviews, with most citing her real-life approach to Human Trafficking as one of the best takeaways to use immediately in their practice.


Feature film / documentary sex-trafficking consultant. 

Once we started pre-production on the movie, Jayla came on board as an Expert Consultant and worked closely with the various department heads in wardrobe, hair and make up, and the art department to bring this world to life. We also worked together on the script making it as authentic as possible. After the actors were selected, we decided to conduct a sort of mini sex trafficking “boot camp” for the cast explaining the world to them and what was at stake. Jayla’s tendency for detail and accuracy lead the actors to affectionally nickname her “the truth”.
— Adisa Septuri - Director, Skin in the Game

on set 'At-risk' teen life coach

While the popularity of talk shows like Jerry Springer made out-of-control teens look like actors, putting on a facade for camera time, Jayla saw the pain behind these teens.  As a consultant for the talk show circuit, Jayla spends time taking teens through an intimate scared straight program to show them what real consequences look like, how they feel, and to hear the stories of other women who were once out-of-control.


jayla in action