e lessons for the ones who struggle to fit in.

Juju's rule.

Heal the humans, and don't worry about pleasing the people.  At first read, it may not make a lot of sense to you.  Closer reflection brings about the real meaning of this simple phrase.  In life we have humans, and, we have people.  People are about the world and are caught up in the material things that life brings.  People are looking to impress others, and often don't serve others in the process.  Humans are servant leaders.  They are concerned with mankind, and are often very sensitive and private about the pain they endure in the process of healing others.  That's the crowd I'm focused on in life.

Your glow will be contagious.

When you have the ordained glow of God around you, people who are light can see it as well as people who are dark.  It's the ones who are dark that seem to navigate right to your side and often become a thorn.  As a healer, the line you will walk is fine.  This line will teeter between people ogling over you, and others who want to depend on you for everyday healing.  Your healing abilities will become an obsession for some, and it's up to you to decipher the people who care so much about protecting your glow, and those who are only around to gain some for themselves. 

Keep some, Lose some.

After losing two really intricate parts of Light The Mood last year, I opted to maintain friendships over holding my dearest friends to the obligation of getting Light The Mood off the ground.  I love how my real friendships are not affected by business decisions.   In business, there will come a point when you have to pick between working with people you know, or strangers.  There are benefits to both, and, consequences as well.   During this same time, I confided in a close friend who had a lot of suggestions for how my candles should look and be packaged, but, would never even purchase a candle.  How then, could you be a part of my company, when you can't even invest in the candles I make?   The friendship eventually sizzled out earlier this year, and it was really long overdue.  Two different ends of a spectrum.  In the first scenario, I maintained friendships.  In the second, I lost someone who was going in a different direction in life.   Lesson:  Playing Russian roulette with friendships and business ventures isn't worth risking a friendship but, when you see someone unequally yoked, let them jump ship.

Miracles happen when you learn to catch your own fish.

I literally work around the clock.

Focus only on what you want to happen.