Your Ener

"People can feel you coming before they can see you coming." My Life Coach Justin
Your energy is always present, and though we can't see it, we can feel it.  What are you giving to others?  It's so important to ask yourself that question because what you give to others, you are also receiving.  When I was younger, I was viewed as a pretty girl with issues. (I know this now because friends from my past have let me know this)

People told me they could feel my negative energy before I would even open my mouth.   It weighed me down like a weight jacket, and I refused to see it.  I blamed each of these issues on my past, sure that these were the reasons that I was so unhappy.  I was the reason.

In the midst of all your living, make sure you aren't living in, and recreating, your past fails and disappointments.

Are you creating new memories with old energies?  
Are you spending so much time reminiscing on the negative things that you're not living in the present and seeing all of the good currently around you?

Are you starting old habits with new people?
Are you reliving an old situation with a new person, reflecting on what went wrong with someone else and using it as your litmus for your current situation?

Did you know that life was meant to be happy, fulfilling, and full of peace?
It's true.  If you are still holding on to past negativity, please, let it go.  Your energy can become stale if the negativity isn't released.