Be Authentically You

I'm an extroverted introvert.  I no longer apologize for it.

Prior to my admission, I lost friends all the time.   They thought I was a flake. 

I was just socially awkward.

I can feel the energies of others, and, some energies depleted me.

Servant Leadership requires a lot of time, patience, and energy.

When I'm alone, I like quiet time and noise is a hindrance to my energy. 

How do you explain that to people?

I didn't know how, so, I just allowed people to go without complaint.

Now, my friends love and support my space, and I'm more comfortable in small social settings.

You would think that someone who helps so many people wouldn't have a problem with interpersonal communication.

This is the life of a healer.  I am being authentically me.


There is always someone to impress.  We put our best foot forward, but sometimes, that best foot is not a representation of who we are.

We put on an act. 

We put on the better face.

But, what happens when we forget to put on the act?

What happens when you're not quite sure who you are, and people start to notice?

Do you know who you are?  I mean, after all, you are one person in front of some people, and perhaps someone different in front of others.  Are we wanting to fit in so we assimilate, or, are we acting? 

Only you know the answer.