Noble Silence

Do not be afraid of the voices.

They are guiding you through the noise coming from here and coming from there.

Do not be afraid to sit still and wait.

Waiting is the ultimate sacrifice for if you believe that you are here for a purpose but are unsure how to get there, silence will give you the answers.

We are used to getting the answers from others.

If we have a problem, we reach out to get the comfort of words from someone who rarely gives us the answers we already have within.

They give us words to fill the empty space we won't allow the answers silence brings to fill it up.

Please be quiet.

Allow silence to answer your questions.

Learn to calm your mind so that you can re-learn how to hear your own thoughts.

Meditation isn't a scary thing.

It's you spending time with you, encompassed by The Creator who has always been there to give you the answer.

If only we could block out the outside noise so that we could really hear what we need to hear.

There is such a sweetness about being silent.