Needless Fear

When you are a Leader, you leave a legacy. 

You don't have to meet each and every person that you touch, and, it doesn't matter because you're not doing it for public validation. 

You are true to SELF.

You are a Leader.

You SERVE those in need and, when you touch a heart, you thank God for the gift.

Maya was a leader, speaking on lesbianism, porn, and rape , amongst other things,  WAY before her time.

I INDEED know why The Caged Bird Sings.

It takes courage to be a leader, and to make it your lifestyle.

It takes NEED-less fear.

Thankfully, as I entered dramatic interpretation competitions for the first time in high school, my ending piece was, "Phenomenal Woman".  I had no background training, yet, I could recite her poem flawlessly in front of anyone. I won first place, each time. That poem got me into a 4-year University.

I was fearless for those few moments, each time I performed that piece - a time in my life I will never forget.

That's what Maya gave me.

What are you giving the World around you?