Let them come and go

Whoever "they" are, let them roam freely, without your words of contempt.

Just as you are making changes to your life in order to best suit you, "they" are doing the same.

It's okay.  Allow the reason and season to be as it is.

Let them come and go.

Let them find the best for them. 

Are "they" emotions?

Do "they" consume you, and make you feel like you're less than others?

Let those emotions come and go.

Are you doing your best each day?

Are you allowing emotions, and others, to come and go?

Free yourself from the need to hold on.

There are never enough reasons that someone can give you when they are ready to leave.

There are never enough answers you can give another when you are ready to leave.

You can learn how to manage your emotions, and pick the ones best suited for you.

What are you holding onto?

Until tomorrow.