Spritual Warfare is Real

Do not be afraid, as you are being attacked, for this and that.
Spiritual warfare is real, and it's about time we had a discussion about what it really looks like.  Perhaps then, you will stop hurting people who are merely conduits, used by the enemy to attack you.

When you go to church, does the minister, preacher, pastor, elder, or bishop really talk to you about the warfare?  Does he/she tell you that the attacks will come

  • in the form of battles
  • people trying to test your boundaries
  • fake friends who talk about you behind your back but smile in your face
  • family members who will pray for your downfall
  • early and unexpected deaths
  • liars who steal from your, lie on your, and swear on a pack of bibles they are "real

As an ordained minister, I continue to face these attacks, and there have been moments when I allowed it to take a toll on my temple.  The impact of taking on the pain of others is hard, but then, to face attacks in the midst of helping people is a feeling only one who experiences it can understand.  As a servant leader, I must be the example for others.  There are moments when, I'm less than a leader.  Some moments, I cower over and cry like a baby.  I am drained in these moments at how jaded people are, at how unaware people are of their energies and how those energies affect others.

Out of the realm of suffering comes your biggest prize - realism. 

My constant request of The Creator is clarity and discernment.  When I find that someone is being used to attack me, and they are unaware, I step away, acknowledge the attack, and forgive the person being used to attack me.  Are you forgiving your attacker, or, are you taking the attacks personal?

How many 'Job' moments have you experienced where you cursed The Creator for the pain you inflict?  How many times have you asked for growth, then, got angry when that growth included being ostracized, misunderstood, prejudged, talked about, lied on, stolen from, beat up, spit on, yelled at, cursed out, and abandoned?

You cannot control who the enemy will use to attack you, yet, you get angry when someone attacks you.  Please think about it this way -  energies travel from person to person.  If you are in alignment, you can feel the energy of another without saying a word.  If we understand that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy families, friends, love, joy, happiness, and tranquility, then we understand that the person DOING it to us is only being USED by the enemy, and therefore, we should not be angry at them for being too weak to resist the enemy.  Perhaps, for them, they are being used in a moment of weakness.  Perhaps, they are unaware they are even serving a purpose on this Earth.

BUT you know, and so you, you are responsible for the forgiveness, you are responsible for the energy YOU bring, and YOU, and you alone, are responsible for how you react to spiritual warfare.

When you are in the midst of your bliss, celebrating life and The Creator, know that the enemy is watching, and plotting on your happiness.  Babe, count that ALL joy - the enemy only conducts war on those who are serving The Creator.

Until tomorrow,