Who are you really "doing the work" for?

Matthew 6:1 (NIV)

This scripture was heavy on my mind this morning during meditation. 

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about this very thing.  I see so many people who get online and post pictures of every single thing they do to help others.  In my line of business, that's just not possible to do.    Healing work isn't for show, and it isn't for testimonials to gain more clients.  You see, when you're helping someone through molestation, abandonment issues, or getting over being gang-raped, you just don't broadcast these healing moments online for people to praise you.

Well, I don't, but I'm always bothered by people who do.

When I gave my life to Christ, I made a decision to follow in His direction the best I could.  There are some things I don't mind talking about, like an overall event or an organization or community I spoke for that touched me, but some conversations and emails are just not for public consumption. 

Others are doing the work, then, jumping online and posting pictures of themselves "recovering" after "the work".  As a healer, that also is something I don't do.  I don't talk about the seizures I have (unless it's after the fact), the battles I fight on behalf of myself and others, the pain I take on in order to heal someone else by giving them my positive energy in exchange for the opposite...

Who are you really doing the work for? 

Why are you helping others? 

Is it to brag and boast in front of others, or, are you telling a story to the people who care to "follow" you?  Are you subconsciously looking for validation from man?  Are you looking for praise from man?  I've noticed some things, and those things led me to shut down my social media accounts.  I don't want to see it, because I know people have their own reasons for doing things like this & I don't want to judge the actions.  It still disturbs me, so I choose not to look at it.

Specifically, I'm speaking of people who are "healers".    If you have to exploit someone's private and personal life to get praise, a new client, or validation, or if you have to exploit yourself in order to get people to pray for you, I want you to stop and look at the acts, and consider holding in all the things you experience on a daily if it has to include those you heal.

After you think about it, you'll thank me later.

Desensitized From Reality

Social media can be a gift, when you associate with like-minded people.

While we don't know the reason some people get online,  we hope that the people we befriend are like-minded. 

I've discovered that my fellow humans are jaded at the truth.  I've discovered that a lot of people would rather talk about mundane, non-important issues, because it's comfortable. 

Not everyone is looking to, "Be The Change."  Not everyone has empathy for your cause, and today, I need you to know that your audience may not be online.

Sometimes, I see that my fellow cultural creatives , and they are tired, and weary.   I see my fellow comrades unhappy that no one is willing to stand up for their cause as they are. 

HEAR ME WELL: Stop getting mad at people for being who they are.  We are not all the same.  Some people would rather talk about light issues online instead of issues of poverty, slavery, and corruption.  To get mad at someone for not being on the same level as you, or being upset because you want to be supported and the people who follow you don't support you, is, in my opinion, very petty.

Nobody has to support you. 
Nobody has to pat you on the back. 
Nobody has to stand up and fight the cause that keeps you up at night.

While I would be the first to support another person, I understand that others are not like me, and, it's okay.  You would do yourself, and those around you, a favor by lowering your expectations of others' actions.

So, you would say, "Why are you so negative about this?" 
I would answer, "I allow people to be who they are and, when I cannot change the people around me, I simply CHANGE the people around me.  This is the reason I eliminate people from my circle every single quarter."  It's not personal when I eliminate people, and, I don't take it personal when people no longer find me an asset in their lives. 

LAST WORDS: The moment you begin to "vent" online about your lack of support, don't be surprised when people are turned off, and stop supporting you altogether. 

This message was written with love.


Stop venting to everyone

I need to let you know, that in the moment of pain, it's easy to vent to others because it feels good to get the pain off of your chest.  I need you to know, however, that once you let someone else in on your pain, you must then work to protect your feelings should that person one day get upset with you, and vent all about your venting.

It seems easy enough to pray to The Creator, but why then, are there an abundance of people who choose to vent to another human?

Each time I've vented to someone, I've almost immediately regretted it.   Spreading your pain to others only transfers the pain to more people, and it also transfers your business.  Can we take a moment to be very careful who we vent to?

Some of you are venting to a friend, about a mutual friend, then you're upset when the person you vented to runs back and vents your venting.

Some of you are venting on the job, about a boss, and then you're upset when you're workplace gets even more uncomfortable because someone vented your vent.

Some of you are venting about your spouse, then, you're upset when someone else swoops in to "save" him/her because your venting comes off as your not wanting to make the relationship work.

Babe, not everyone has your best interest at heart.  Some people are only patting your back to find a nice spot to place the knife they plan on sticking you with.

Spritual Warfare is Real

Do not be afraid, as you are being attacked, for this and that.
Spiritual warfare is real, and it's about time we had a discussion about what it really looks like.  Perhaps then, you will stop hurting people who are merely conduits, used by the enemy to attack you.

When you go to church, does the minister, preacher, pastor, elder, or bishop really talk to you about the warfare?  Does he/she tell you that the attacks will come

  • in the form of battles
  • people trying to test your boundaries
  • fake friends who talk about you behind your back but smile in your face
  • family members who will pray for your downfall
  • early and unexpected deaths
  • liars who steal from your, lie on your, and swear on a pack of bibles they are "real

As an ordained minister, I continue to face these attacks, and there have been moments when I allowed it to take a toll on my temple.  The impact of taking on the pain of others is hard, but then, to face attacks in the midst of helping people is a feeling only one who experiences it can understand.  As a servant leader, I must be the example for others.  There are moments when, I'm less than a leader.  Some moments, I cower over and cry like a baby.  I am drained in these moments at how jaded people are, at how unaware people are of their energies and how those energies affect others.

Out of the realm of suffering comes your biggest prize - realism. 

My constant request of The Creator is clarity and discernment.  When I find that someone is being used to attack me, and they are unaware, I step away, acknowledge the attack, and forgive the person being used to attack me.  Are you forgiving your attacker, or, are you taking the attacks personal?

How many 'Job' moments have you experienced where you cursed The Creator for the pain you inflict?  How many times have you asked for growth, then, got angry when that growth included being ostracized, misunderstood, prejudged, talked about, lied on, stolen from, beat up, spit on, yelled at, cursed out, and abandoned?

You cannot control who the enemy will use to attack you, yet, you get angry when someone attacks you.  Please think about it this way -  energies travel from person to person.  If you are in alignment, you can feel the energy of another without saying a word.  If we understand that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy families, friends, love, joy, happiness, and tranquility, then we understand that the person DOING it to us is only being USED by the enemy, and therefore, we should not be angry at them for being too weak to resist the enemy.  Perhaps, for them, they are being used in a moment of weakness.  Perhaps, they are unaware they are even serving a purpose on this Earth.

BUT you know, and so you, you are responsible for the forgiveness, you are responsible for the energy YOU bring, and YOU, and you alone, are responsible for how you react to spiritual warfare.

When you are in the midst of your bliss, celebrating life and The Creator, know that the enemy is watching, and plotting on your happiness.  Babe, count that ALL joy - the enemy only conducts war on those who are serving The Creator.

Until tomorrow,


Noble Silence

Do not be afraid of the voices.

They are guiding you through the noise coming from here and coming from there.

Do not be afraid to sit still and wait.

Waiting is the ultimate sacrifice for if you believe that you are here for a purpose but are unsure how to get there, silence will give you the answers.

We are used to getting the answers from others.

If we have a problem, we reach out to get the comfort of words from someone who rarely gives us the answers we already have within.

They give us words to fill the empty space we won't allow the answers silence brings to fill it up.

Please be quiet.

Allow silence to answer your questions.

Learn to calm your mind so that you can re-learn how to hear your own thoughts.

Meditation isn't a scary thing.

It's you spending time with you, encompassed by The Creator who has always been there to give you the answer.

If only we could block out the outside noise so that we could really hear what we need to hear.

There is such a sweetness about being silent.