Anthony Goulet

Some Will, Some Won't and So What?!

I thank The Creator for Anthony Goulet every single day.  You see, it's so important to have friends who understand you, believe in you, and support you as you travel the World, honing in on your purpose while deterring your mind from the naysayers.

Someone needs to know today, that the detours are SO necessary for the trip to your final destination.  There isn't a successful person today who will tell you different.  Successful people will tell you that not everyone listened to their dreams with sincere interest, and they might tell you that they got most of the negative feedback from those closest to them. 

Stop telling everyone what you plan to do, and just do it.   One of your biggest assets (whether you know it or not) is the ability to keep your mouth shut.  Telling people who aren't really happy or supportive of you your dreams could be putting you in danger.  What if I told you that some people are really praying for your downfall, and by you telling them your dreams, you're helping them to pray for specifics?

One of my marketing mentors told me, "Some will, some won't and so what?"  That changed my life, literally.  I hadn't yet discovered The Four Agreements, and at the time I was taking everything people said and did to me, personally.   I wasn't angry at the World, I was simply angry at the people who dared to contradict my thoughts of greatness that I had for myself.  

I had to learn that not everyone is privy to my life details.  Sure, there will be people you let slip through the cracks, but start asking God for CLARITY and DISCERNMENT.  Start asking God to take people who are "fake happy" for you out of your life.  Start asking God to clear your mind, and allow you to discern who needs to know what in your life.

Some people are going to love and support you.

Some people are going to follow you to see you fail, and will sometimes want to stand by your side watching in real time.

Some people will support you, and you might never meet them.

Some people you've never met will become family.

Some family you've known your whole life will despise your drive and tenacity.

Some colleagues will blaspheme your name out of fear you reach more people.

Some people will compete with you when you didn't even enter the rat-race.

Some people will stay past their season in your life.

Some people will exit without a goodbye.

Some people will praise you in your face, and blast you to others in private.

Some people will send subliminal messages online, and swear it wasn't aimed at you.  You know different.

Some WILL.

Some WON'T


You are here on this Earth to LOVE, to SERVE, and to REMEMBER.

You are not here to look for validation from others.  My life has changed since I dropped all of my social networking.  All of a sudden, my mind is flooded with my own thoughts, not the thoughts of what I see on Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc...  I was so distracted that I got jaded.   I watched people argue online, bully others online, then, post about God the same day.  It was too much for me.  I'm not perfect, but I don't like to watch people make a fool of themselves online.  I don't like to see family members air out their issues online instead of picking up a phone and calling their, "loves ones".  I need human interaction to survive.  I don't want to correspond with people online, via email, or text.  I thrive off of human interaction, and at the same time, I am limited to the number of people I can interact with on a daily basis.  I have to make the people who are important count, and the ones who aren't can't have any airtime in my brain.  I understand that I have to be free from needless banter and social clutter.  Just because it's popular doesn't mean that I have to be doing it.

Please take some time today to consider letting go of people who don't serve you; that is, people who aren't genuinely happy for you, supportive of your dreams, and active in cheer-leading you along from the sidelines.  You'll thank me for it later!