Only the strong survive

There's one thing that my friends and I always say to each other; "We don't break."

We endure all,
We overcome all,
We may cry,
We may be sad,


But I see so many broken people, unable to cope with life's trials, unable to deal with the stresses of life... 

Sometimes, I feel like I'm bent all the way out of shape. 

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed at the energy I have to give out in order to help others get well.

Only the strong survive.

You need a strong mind.  Not the kind that can be swayed.  Not the kind that can be finessed by a slithering tongue.  Not the kind that, when depression strikes, allows you to sink deep.  You need a mind that it focused on your purpose, focused on your well being, and focused on loving YOU.

You need a strong spiritual life.  Not the kind where the only time you think about or talk to God is when you're posting something online.  Not the kind where you go to church because it's another place to gather socially. You need a strong desire to be healthy.  Not because it's popular, but, because you want to live your BEST life.  A strong desire to not put toxins in your mouth, your mind, your eyes, your body, and your ears.

Have you checked for kinks in your armor of God?  You know this is a battle. 
The enemy has been attacking you since you got here - and if you're not checking your armor, the enemy will slide right through.  Can you cut a tomato with a dull knife?  NO.  Why then, would you think that if you're not maintaining your armor that you would be safe?

Babe, every time you fall to your knees and pray, you're building your armor.
Babe, every time you speak the truth in the midst of lies, you're building your armor.
Babe, every time you fill your mind with positive thoughts, you're building your armor.
Babe, every time you refuse to gossip with "them", you're building your armor.

Don't stop now.