When it Hurts so Bad

You want everyone to understand you, and your feelings are valid.

I must tell you though; there will be someone who won't understand you, so they will bash you, instead.

I am a very sensitive person.  Words hurt me, and I'm the first to be open with this part of my reality.  It's no surprise then, that when a season ends, I find myself feeling bad for all the goodbyes I must say in order to be me.

When it hurts so bad... When it hurts so bad... Why does it feel so good? (Lauryn Hill)

Stop entering painful situations when you know the pain will come...even if it's "eventually".

Please allow yourself some time to heal.  YOUR life depends on this.

Death is imminent in the heart of a person who continues to love on dead things, whatever those dead things may be.

  • Dead marriage
  • Dead friendship
  • Dead relationship
  • Dead partnership
  • Dead-end job
  • Dead-end time investment

I was told once, "If you're not growing, you're dying?"

When it hurts so bad...

When it hurts so bad, you feel the need to retaliate, you feel the need to "get back at 'em" BUT babe, you're only beating up yourself, and your self growth.

You've been listening to way too many lyrics that have lied to you.  Pain isn't love, and when it hurts so bad, you're supposed to LET IT GO.